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Several Problems of Agricultural Drip Irrigation

1. Is the drip irrigation pipe a sprinkler belt?

Both look the same: the pipe is laid in the ground, and then the field is watered through the hole in the pipe wall. But the technical difficulty involved is completely different.

Drip irrigaton tube: instead of simply poking a small hole in the PE tube, a device called a dripper is embedded on the inside of the pipe wall. This small device can reduce water pressure and form water droplets with uniform flow , Filter small particles of impurities in the water, and make the water dripping from each dripper stable and even.

A specific flow of water and fertilizer can be output to the roots of the crop completely according to the needs of the crop, which is to achieve the so-called "precision irrigation".

Sprinkler belt: also known as "sprinkler irrigation belt", "micro-spray belt", "sprinkler pipe", "porous hose", etc., through the dense water outlet holes on the micro-spray belt, the water pressure is not regulated, and the gravity and air Under the action of resistance, a drizzle-like spraying effect is formed. The irrigation method is relatively rough and requires a large amount of water, which cannot achieve the same accuracy as the drip irrigation belt. Both irrigation methods are micro-irrigation, but they do not use the same technology.

2. Regardless of the price, all drip irrigation pipes on the market have similar performance?

The drip irrigation pipes look inconspicuous, and they all look the same, but they are actually different.

First of all, the design and manufacturing process of the dripper is based on the water output of Jingguci. Many products on the market tell you that the dripper flow is 2L/H. The actual water output even exceeds 3L/H. A drip irrigation system consists of thousands of drippers. A small flow deviation will have a huge impact on the operation of the entire system and also affect the growth of crops.

Secondly, drip irrigation has parameters such as tensile strength and explosion resistance. Some drip irrigation tapes made of a large amount of recycled materials on the market do not meet the standards for tensile strength and explosion resistance, and are easily damaged in actual use, which affects the system. stability.

Finally, drippers are divided into two types: pressure-compensated and non-pressure-compensated. There are essential differences in performance, and the price gap is also large. Drip irrigation has too little water to water the crops.

Drip Irrigaton Tube

Drip Irrigaton Tube

3. Will crops die of water shortage?

The reason why crops lack water and die of thirst is that they cannot absorb enough water from the soil or substrate. The main part of the crop that absorbs water is the effective root zone, so as long as water is poured into the effective root zone, the crop can effectively absorb it. Compared with flood irrigation and furrow irrigation, drip irrigation does not require a single watering, and the surface does not look so wet.

However, the use of drip irrigation needs to grasp the key: small amounts and multiple times, always give the best amount of water to the roots of the crop; at the same time, drip irrigation only irrigates the root area of the crop, and the water utilization rate is as high as about 90%. When drip irrigation is used correctly, the least water can be used Let the crop grow best.

4. The closer the distance between the emitters, the better, so that the dripping will be even and the irrigation volume will be enough?

As the water droplets into the soil will be subjected to gravity and capillary action, so the wet area in the soil will form an ellipsoid instead of just a round surface on the ground. As long as the wet balls in the soil can connect to each other, it can be considered that the irrigation is in place.

When considering the uniformity of dripping, the distance between the emitters is an important indicator. It is necessary to select the appropriate distance between the emitters in consideration of the soil texture and the distribution of the crop roots. As long as the irrigation is within a reasonable time and the main root zone of the crop is wetted, it can be considered To meet the irrigation needs, it is not that the dripper should be denser the better.

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